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HMPasties have been nominated for the 2019 Manchester Food and Drink Festival's retailer of the year!

It's more than just a bakery. It's a second chance, a career and often the only opportunity employees come across.

It only takes 60 seconds to potentially change a life...
Please support and cast your vote!⬇️
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If you’ve ever wondered why we do what we do, I try to explain things in this recent TEDx talk. It was an honour to be invited by the UoM TEDx team, it’s not something I ever thought I’d be asked to do. Please take time to have a listen. Thank you.
In this talk, Lee Wakeham shares how he went from being in prison to to owning a successful business. Employment is seen as a crucial part of helping to reduce re-offending rates, but is it as simple as finding someone a job? Lee's personal journey will tell you that there’s much more to it!!
3 hours ago
I wonder how many great things have begun with a pasty crimp? #infinityandbeyond HMPasties photo
4 hours ago
Can’t help but wonder who’s crimp that is? 🤔
HMPasties photo
Nickala @Nickala5
Starvin Marvin after a busy day.... thankfully I've a secret stash of
@Hmpasties in my freezer..... Mmmmmmm cooking nicely
2 days ago
The kitchen team will be delighted to hear it! I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback in the morning. #pastypower
2 days ago
Hope you all enjoy your Hand Made Pasties today, thank you for helping to #Bringouthegoodinside
HMPasties photo
Forward Role @ForwardRole
A treat in store for the Forward Rollers for our ‘Lunch & Learn’ session! Thank you @HMPasties we can’t wait to tuck in!
1 week ago
Looking for someone to delivery some leaflets for us, any suggestions would be very welcome.
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Sometimes people place text within WordPress and it can show up on posts, its an added feature, kind of like a blurb to reel you

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Sometimes people place text within wordpress and it can show up on posts, its an added feature, kind of like a blurb to reel you