In April 2019 we were shortlisted by The National Lottery Community Fund as one of the Granada regions People’s Project, with an opportunity to win £50,000.

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Sometimes people place text within WordPress and it can show up on posts, its an added feature, kind of like a blurb to reel you

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Sometimes people place text within wordpress and it can show up on posts, its an added feature, kind of like a blurb to reel you

2 weeks ago
Why not stock up on our delicious hand made pies and pasties, we will deliver your choice of 10 frozen pies or pasties to your door for £30 plus delivery. #pies #pasties #homedelivery #bakery #bakers
3 weeks ago
When you realise that you’ve not eaten yet today and then you notice a #steakandstout pie has broken during baking and then in a puff smoke it was gone! #pielove #pie HMPasties photo
3 weeks ago
One of the highlights of last year, legging it London with some sample pasties for the judges to try, then you realise who’s about to eat your pasties! 🙈 😬 I don’t get nervous about presentations but judging my pasties, that’s another level!
HMPasties photo
Danny McCubbin @dannymccubbin
@HMPasties was the winner of the @TheYBFs "Giving Back" award last year. It was great to meet Lee the founder who is changing the perception of ex offenders across the country by teaching them how to make pasties. Goodness me, the pasties were so good! #ybfsnominate #ybfs2020
3 weeks ago
It’s been great being back in the kitchen the last couple of weeks, but what’s even better is being able to bring back our star pasty crimper Katie, after a rocky start Katie went on to be the best recruit we’d made, so much so that’s she’s HMPasties Ltd’s fist new recruit.
3 weeks ago
I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked if any of our pasties are made with halal meat, I’ve always said no, but today I asked our butcher if he could get it, only to find out that the chicken I’ve been getting for 3 years is halal. #halalchicken
4 weeks ago
To celebrate #NationalPieWeek why comes down and try out our new #HMPies tomorrow lunchtime @TasteofHoneyM20 Lee will be there to give Penny a hand serving up free samples of our delicious pies #westdidsbury #manchester #pie #pielove #fortheloveofpie