In April 2019 we were shortlisted by The National Lottery Community Fund as one of the Granada regions People’s Project, with an opportunity to win £50,000.

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Sometimes people place text within WordPress and it can show up on posts, its an added feature, kind of like a blurb to reel you

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Sometimes people place text within wordpress and it can show up on posts, its an added feature, kind of like a blurb to reel you

3 days ago
We’ll be re-stocking our good friends @TasteofHoneyM20 on Saturday morning with our new slightly bigger pies with extra gravy. HMPasties photo
3 days ago
The only pasty I can eat without getting heartburn! I don’t know what it is that we do differently but for some reason many of our customers report the same. Needless to say, this one didn’t last very long. #perksofthejob #noheartburn #handmadefood #pasty #cornishpasty HMPasties photo
2 weeks ago
Oooh we made a new pie! When I was a kid we used to have these at #xmas for some reason, delicious eaten hot or cold, egg and smoked back bacon with crispy bacon bits to top it off. Yum. Available while stocks last. Contact us at hello for details. HMPasties photo
3 weeks ago
Really enjoyed making these for you, I enjoyed eating them even more! They’re just what’s needed this time of year, hearty and with a bit of heat from the cayenne pepper, absolutely delicious.
HMPasties photo
Blue Caribou Snack Bar @bcsnackbar
🚨COMING SOON🚨 Tourtière! Our foodie mates @HMPasties have been helping create these delicious #Québecois spiced meat pies from our family recipe 🥧. Available via our website soon to finish at home! #Pie and #Poutine! The best British/Canadian mash-up meal. ⚜️Québecois💙
3 weeks ago
Does anyone know an artist with a bit of a head for heights?