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Our focus will always be around quality – our products, the working environment, training and development, the people we hire and the wage we pay.


We empower our people with opportunity, skills and confidence, so that they can learn from the past and move forward, with the confidence and skills to build a crime free life.


We’re committed to providing long term sustainable employment for people with criminal convictions and for young people at risk of involvement in criminal activity.

high quality hand crafted pasties


Made with shortcrust pastry, filled with Kirkham beef, potato, onion and swede.

cheese & onion

Made with a vegetarian shortcrust pastry, filled with potato, cheese, onion and our special ingredient.

Veggie Samosa

Made with vegetarian shortcrust pastry, filled with potato, chickpeas, peas and sweetcorn, cooked in a homemade coconut curry.

our vision

Our vision is to supply, through wholesale and retail channels, high quality, handmade traditional pasties to customers throughout the North West. With the added real social benefit created by not only sourcing our fresh ingredients from the Prison Estate but also by employing people with convictions in the manufacture, sales and distribution, whilst offering peer mentoring support to enable them to build new careers and live a life free of crime.

Giving Ex-Offenders a second chance

2 days ago
HMPasties Pies, we’ve got Steak, Meat & Onions & Meat. Delicious. 😋 https://t.co/zYLuqvNROg HMPasties photo
5 days ago
I don't think I've ever seen a bigger list of products being recalled. I don't see our pasties there so come and grab some this Saturday in Chorlton. https://t.co/oOf3BC8aFy
1 week ago
100% agree. https://t.co/ira0Z9MOJT
HMPasties photo
Prison Rehab Co @PrisonRehabCo
So many prisoners have been abused as children,lacked parental figures/role models,experienced the care system,been exposed to violence/substance misuse& lack skills to cope in mainstream society. They have survived not thrived. Crime must be punished but let's explore its roots https://t.co/Ggx4e2exJZ
1 week ago
It was an absolute pleasure! Shame about the result but you can’t have it all. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you. https://t.co/yuTR430Fbo
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