BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme Visit our Bakery

BBC Radio 4 team in the bakery

BBC Food & Farming Awards 2021: Best Food Producer

HMPasties are finalists and we will know on the 24th November if we’ve been successful in being awarded Best Food Producer, by BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme.

H.M. Pasties Founder Lee Wakeham, with Angela Hartnett and Sheila Dillon
Sheila Dillon making a pasty

As part of the process, we were visited in the bakery this summer by presenters (Michelin award winning chef!) Angela Hartnett and Sheila Dillon. They came and spent a few hours with us, and had a go at making pasties – Lee said they did alright, but needed more practise!

One of the highlights of the visit was our chef having his quiches tried by Angela, who remarked they were very good (you can try our chef’s baking for yourself here). This visit was really inspiring for our bakery staff and it truly was a high point of the summer.

Here is the interview, available on BBC Sounds, broadcast on Sunday 10th October and Monday 11th October

Sheila Dillon and Angela Hartnett making a pasties with Lee Wakeham