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H.M.Pasties is a Groundwork MSSTT initiative that is focused on providing educational and training facilities to people with convictions.Similar initiatives have been run over the past few years across the country, including the successful Bad Boys Bakery and the Clink Charity that now boasts a 41% reduction in reoffending.

Our handmade traditional pasties are made using beef from the 120 acre farm in HMP Kirkham in Lancashire. By sourcing our ingredients from HMP Kirkham we are not only helping to increase employment and training opportunities within the prison itself, we are also sourcing high quality, locally produced beef.

In the glasshouses, fruit and vegetables are grown in large quantities. The farm Produces up to 60 tonnes of tomatoes and 20 tonnes of peppers that were grown alongside carrots, spuds and innumerable amounts of other produce destined for the prison kitchens, shop and beyond.

Whilst this might not go down with our friends at the Cornish Pasty Appreciation Society on the basis that it doesn’t have a crimp.
We are pretty sure our vegetarian customers certainly will!

Groundwork MSSTT Employment Initiative


This is a Groundwork MSSTT team initiative headed by Lee Wakeham who have worked tirelessly to create HM Pasties in Manchester and receiving support from the community and local businesses is essential to help make this initiative a success.

With your help we can provide opportunities to support more offenders to get back into society with skills, a career and a focus and purpose to prevent them from returning to a life of crime.


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