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HMPasties have been nominated for the 2019 Manchester Food and Drink Festival's retailer of the year!

It's more than just a bakery. It's a second chance, a career and often the only opportunity employees come across.

It only takes 60 seconds to potentially change a life...
Please support and cast your vote!⬇️
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If you’ve ever wondered why we do what we do, I try to explain things in this recent TEDx talk. It was an honour to be invited by the UoM TEDx team, it’s not something I ever thought I’d be asked to do. Please take time to have a listen. Thank you.
In this talk, Lee Wakeham shares how he went from being in prison to to owning a successful business. Employment is seen as a crucial part of helping to reduce re-offending rates, but is it as simple as finding someone a job? Lee's personal journey will tell you that there’s much more to it!!
3 hours ago
I wonder how many great things have begun with a pasty crimp? #infinityandbeyond HMPasties photo
4 hours ago
Can’t help but wonder who’s crimp that is? 🤔
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Nickala @Nickala5
Starvin Marvin after a busy day.... thankfully I've a secret stash of
@Hmpasties in my freezer..... Mmmmmmm cooking nicely
2 days ago
The kitchen team will be delighted to hear it! I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback in the morning. #pastypower
2 days ago
Hope you all enjoy your Hand Made Pasties today, thank you for helping to #Bringouthegoodinside
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Forward Role @ForwardRole
A treat in store for the Forward Rollers for our ‘Lunch & Learn’ session! Thank you @HMPasties we can’t wait to tuck in!
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Looking for someone to delivery some leaflets for us, any suggestions would be very welcome.
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The perfect office lunch

Bored of the same old soggy sandwich buffet at the office meeting?
Well why not switch it up with the new H.M.Pasties catering menu, which starts from as little as £3.95 per person.

New website!

We’re really proud to launch our new website this week which showcases our great food, where to buy it and our background and story.


In April 2019 we were shortlisted by The National Lottery Community Fund as one of the Granada regions People’s Project, with an opportunity to win £50,000.